Young Marina

Marina is another young student attending Yomogi Nursery.


Like her other classmates,she too is very small.She has ear-length brown hair,tied up in two pig tails.She has big brown eyes and rosy cheeks.It seems she likes pink a lot since she wears everything pink:dress,ribbon and pony-band.


She makes her debut in ep .6,when the nursery goes for a field trip.During 'hide-and-seek',which the class plays with Kobato,Marina disappears.This lets everyone to search for her but in fact,she was just finding a four-leaf clover for Kobato to make her 'wish'.However,she ended dozing off under a tree while searching for the clover.

Kobato,by herself, finds her and wakes her up.Kobato cheers her up then,by finding that the clove in her hair all along.