Tsubasa Reservoir ChronicleEdit

In the anime, Syaoran (Tsubasa Li) , Fai , Kurogane, and Mokona from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle land in an alleyway and found by Kobato when she work at Tyrol Pastry. This happens after the manga Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle finish its own story, because Sakura is no longer traveling with them. Another prove was when Ginsei deliver Baumkuchen to Kimihiro Watanuki from xxxHOLiC on episode 17, he talks about how he was also a part-timer once. Its a hint that it was after Yuuko 's death that the Baumkuchen was delivered to him, and he was the new store owner now (this happens when the series almost reach the end). Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHOLiC took place under the same timeline, when both series ended, Kobato's timeline took place.

CLAMP was known for their crossover. CLAMP often reuses characters from their own earlier works, which gives rise to a loosely defined "CLAMP universe".

Watanuki in Kobato

Watanuki in Kobato

Ginsei deliver Baumkuchen to Watanuki

Crossover Character in KobatoEdit

Among the crossovers characters, some stayed as what they really are from their original series (background, personalities, etc). But some was supposed to be the alternate self from the original characters, shared the same soul but belong to a different worlds.

CLAMP's series involve much about parallel dimensions and thus creates CLAMP's own multi-universe .

In this case, from the series Chobits , some personal computers (persocom) are human in Kobato series.

Crossover character of Wish

Name in Kobato series: Kohaku

Original name: Kohaku

Name in Kobato series: Shuichiro Kudo

Original name: Shuichiro Kudo

Name in Kobato series: Ushagi-san (the messenger of god)

Original name: Ushagi

Crossover Character of Chobits

Name in Kobato series: Chiho Mihara

Original name and alternate self of: Elda (persocom)

Name in Kobato series: Chise Mihara

Original name and alternate self of: Freya (persocom)

Name in Kobato series: Chitose Mihara

Original name and alternate self of: Chitose Hibiya

Name in Kobato series: Hiroyasu Ueda

Original name: Hiroyasu Ueda

Name in Kobato series: Tyrol Pastry

Original name: Chiroru Bakery

Name in Kobato series: Yumi

Original name and alternate self of: Yumi (persocom)

Crossover character of xxxHOLiC

Name in Kobato series: unknown (Ginsei deliverd Baumkuchen to him)

Original name: Watanuki Kimihiro

Crossover character of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Name in Kobato series: unknown (a theme park mascot)

Original name: Black Mokona (Larg)

In the manga:

Crossover character of Cardcaptor Sakura

Name in Kobato series: Touya

Original name: Toya Kinomoto