Exam 09: The results of the test are...!?
Exam 09
Chapter # 09
Chapter Length: 15 Pages
Volume # 1
Cover Characters: Kobato
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Kobato walks around looking for "beer-san". When she hears "nice and cool", "free samples", she runs towards the stand of two girls creams.

Then again she hears "ice cold beer" and runs there. She screams "can I have one?" and the girl, startled, says yes. She leaves, saying that Ioryogi will stop global warming by using beer. Fujimoto comes from behind and talks to the girls, who tell him about the crazy idea.

Finally she goes back to Ioryogi, and hands him the beer. She tries opening it and it blasts against Ioryogi, who gets splashed by the beer. He adds up 200 points and takes 100 points off Kobato. Then he asks her, what is your true wish?

She says she wants to go somewhere, but before that she needs to fill a bottle with wounded hearts.

Even before that, she needs a bottle to put those hearts there. And Ioryogi gives her the bottle, saying she passed.

They need to find a place to stay first. And the true work begins now. She says she'll try her best.