Exam 03: Kobato's Christmas
Exam 03
Chapter # 03
Chapter Length: 14 Pages
Volume # 1
Cover Characters: Kobato
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It's Christmas and Ioryogi asks Kobato to get into the Christmas spirit. So she goes and tells a man if she could stay with him overnight...

She ruined things again and this time with a couple. Kobato and Ioryogi go into an alley and they argue, where a couple of twin girls overhear them. It must have been a cat, their mother says, and they head off to eat the Christmas cake with their father. Hearing this, Kobato runs off to get a Christmas cake.

She gets a temporary job selling cakes at a pastry. The owner thanks her for the help, she helped him to sell most of the cakes. He gives her a Christmas cake as a reward. It's late and Kobato leaves, but before that she finds a woman who couldn't get a cake from the Chiroru pastry and she decides to give it to her.

Ioryogi is very proud of her and gives her 90 points this time. It starts snowing then.