Exam 02: The Secret of the Nabe?!
Exam 02
Chapter # 02
Chapter Length: 15 Pages
Volume # 1
Cover Characters: Kobato
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Ioryogi is again scolding Kobato for her naivety. He asks her if she's got any common sense at all, and she tries to draw in the concrete. Ioryogi blasts at her again since she obviously couldn't draw with her finger in the ground. She tried to do something off his manga "Hotuko no ken", and she apologizes again.

Somewhere at a food stand, a guy's cellphone rings. His name is Fujimoto and they're calling him from a Nursery school.

"They're at the school again", Sayaka's voice calls. He apologizes for having to leave all of a sudden, but his boss says it's ok and he should go. He runs towards the school.

Kobato walks into the food stand and sees how crowded it is. She sees the owner working so hard and tries to help him out. This is yet another test.

She helps out temporary as a waitress until a customer tells her to cook it for them. She tries to cook the nabe but throws everything in the pot! She even adds milk and chocolate! As a surprise, it turns out delicious and the customers ask for more. Ioryogi tells her she scored a zero again. But it turned out good, so actually its 40 points.

When Kobato says she'll try harder, Ioryogi tells her that she should stay away from nabe.