… Hide-and-Seek
Season 1, Episode 06
Air date November 17, 2009
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Hide-and-Seek is the sixth episode of the series Kobato.


The staff of Yomogi Nursery plan a field trip with the children but before departing, Kobato receives a call from a man who claims that the nursery will be shut down; Ioryogi stays behind to do some investigation about this.

He goes over to Genko, a friend of his from heaven, asking him about the nursery's situation. Meanwhile, Kobato tells Fujimoto about the call but he tells her not to let Sayaka be informed about it.

Out on the field trip ,everyone notices Kobato to be more distracted than ever. This includes one of the girls, Marina, who says to Kobato that if they find a certain thing, it might make Kobato happy. The other kids play 'hide and seek', and Kobato becomes "it". Meanwhile, Ioryogi's business with Genko is finished and meets another aquantince, Ginsei though these two don't appear to be in good terms with each other.