... The Rain's Gift.
Season 1, Episode 03
Air date October 20, 2009
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The Rain's Gift is the third episode of the series Kobato.


Sayaka-sensei spots Kobato sleeping on a park bench and decides to take her to a friend, Chitose Mihara, who gives her a room in her apartment building.

Kobato runs into a school girl outside and the next day after failing to help anyone, gets her umbrella stolen and runs into that school girl again, who lets Kobato borrow her umbrella. They meet again later and Mustumi sees her friend and crush Katsuragi underneath an umbrella with a girl. The next day, Kobato asks Katsuragi to share an umbrella with Mustumi. Mustumi meets him and after talking about it he agrees and they leave together, giving Kobato another konpeito.