The Day to Come...
Season 1, Episode 24
Air date March 16, 2010
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The Day to Come... is the twenty-fourth episode and final episode of the series Kobato.


After Kobato leaves, everyone forgets about her. Fujimoto suddenly remembers her after seeing a Konpeito of her (which looks like a sakura petal) then rushes around asking people if they remember Kobato. All of them say no until he asks Kohaku. She tells him the truth about Kobato, and that they will surely meet again.Then a time skip of at least four years past, when Fujimoto becomes a lawyer. When Fujimoto is asked to help with a case of inheritance, he meets Kobato at an old estate, who has forgotten the previous memories. Kobato's memory is later recalled by the Konpeito. Fujimoto gives it to her and the song she is asked to sing. Finally we see all the lives Kobato touched when she was gathering Konpeitos.