Wishful Girl is the first episode of the series Kobato.

... Wishful Girl.
Season 1, Episode 01
Kobato episode 1
Air date October 6, 2009
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At the very beginning of the episode, Kobato is seen floating down on a playground. She has a certain, still secret wish. If she's able to master a difficult challenge, her wish will be granted.  Ioryogi explains her, what she has do in order to her wish coming true: First, she has to recieve a flask and then she will have to fill this flask with broken heart fragments. In order to recieve the flask, Kobato has to proof her being suitable for living in the human's world.

Ioryogi is her proctor and will mark every test. In the first test thought up by Ioryogi, Kobato has to proof, that she can act like a normal human during spring in a park. But instead of that, she takes a newspaper out of the rubbish bin, lies down on a park bench, covers herself up with the dirty newspaper and falls asleep. Ioryogi gets angry and spits fire at her.

Walking down the street, a women bumps into Kobato. The woman is so afraid of missing the bus, that she loses one of the rubbish bags carrying around. Kobato's next task is to take the rubbish bag to the nect dump. But seeing the hungry crows having their eyes on the rubbish, she feels pity for them and opens the rubbish bag.