Drop 7.5: Ioryogi Vs. Ginsei
Drop 7-5
Chapter # 23.5
Chapter Length: 13 Pages
Volume # 3
Cover Characters: Kobato
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Ioryogi wonders if Ginsei had done something to Kobato. He unleashes a fire monster over him and strikes with all his might. Ginsei manages to evade his attack, asking Ioryogi again if he'll return after he's done with Kobato's case.

Then he tells Ioryogi that she left to the hospital, and Ioryogi tackles him down.

Fujimoto walks Kobato home. He's surprised that she doesn't lock her door. Either way they go in, only to find out that Kobato has nothing more than a futon and a bag. He asks her if she doesn't have any money, then pats on her head. He tells her to go straight to bed.

Then Ioryogi arrives. He's outside the window and asking her to let him in.

He went into the hospital and even so, she had already left. She apologizes to him. So, Ioryogi asks her about the guy. She told him it was his appendix, and he pat on her head too.

She wants to heal Fujimoto as well.