Drop 14.5
Drop 14.5
Chapter # 29.5
Chapter Length: 14 Pages
Volume # 4
Cover Characters: Kobato and Ioryogi
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After the stranger tells Kobato that Fujimoto is gone, Kobato asks him if he's a friend of his. He says he considers him a friend, but- then he asks her who she is. She introduces herself, then he does the same, introducing himself as Doumoto Takashi, and he also attends the same college as Fujimoto. He tells her that they've been together since middle school, and now they study the same career, which is law.

He continues by telling her that a lot has happened with the kindergarten, since the headmaster died, and Kobato tells him maybe Fujimoto wants to be a help to Sayaka, and that's how he realizes that she knows Sayaka as well. He also tells her about the Christmas party and Fujimoto being a reindeer. He can't help but wonder how he is now, remarks that even if he was unsociable he still smiled.

Kobato goes silent, and Doumoto asks her what's wrong, she says she's ok, so he asks her if she's familiar with Sayaka as well. She tells him that she's helping out at the nursery, so he thinks they hired her and she's quick to correct him saying she's not hired- he's startled, wondering if Fujimoto approved. Then he tells her if he didn't really want her there he would have kicked her out. She admits that he did at the beginning, since she just messed up, to which he comments that she'd be forbbiden faster to enter. She keeps telling him that she annoys him very much, though Doumoto tells her he can't see what he doesn't like. He realizes that it's a working day and he's been delaying Kobato with his talking, and asks her if they can meet again so he can ask her about Fujimoto, but she tells him to ask himself instead. He replies by saying they're not on good terms, since all he does is ask him to go back everytime they meet. Kobato then realizes he's out of college, and add up the fact that he works 3 part time jobs along with the kindergarten. Suddenly she feels that she's hurting, and she doesn't know why. Doumoto says goodbye hoping they can meet again.

She just keeps wondering, why...

Ioryogi understands that it has become a main issue.