Drop 11: You Can't Hit Him!
Drop 12
Chapter # 27
Chapter Length: 15 Pages
Volume # 4
Cover Characters: Ioryogi
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Ioryogi asks Usagi to wait- and gives him a flame. "Please, give it to him", he pleads. Usagi takes the flame and leaves after saying goodbye to him and Zuisho. He teases Ioryogi for saying please, which only makes him angrier and he throws a fireball at him.

Fujimoto stands in front of Kobato and asks Okiura why he came back even when he told him not to. He replies that he doesn't need to do what he said, which enrages Fujimoto and tries to hit him- but he grabs his hand and twists it. Kobato then tries to grab Okiura and asks him to let him go. He says that Fujimoto will hit him if he does, then Kobato tells him about Fujimoto's part jobs and how hard he tries to help at the school. Okiura seems to be startled by the "part jobs" and Fujimoto tells him he doesn't want to make Sayaka cry.

Okiura tells him if that's what he wants then he should better tell Sayaka to get out fast. Fujimoto now tries to punch him, and tries again but is stopped when Kobato gets in the way and yells he can't hit him. He tells her to move, but she doesn't. She says he'll hurt Okiura but Fujimoto as well.

"That's how I've always!"- says Kobato when she suddenly appears to forget what she was talking about.