Drop 11: A Message from Him
Drop 11
Chapter # 27
Chapter Length: 15 Pages
Volume # 4
Cover Characters: Ioryogi
Previous: Drop 10.5

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The bird (Zuisho) carries Ioryogi with its claws. He struggles with carrying Ioryogi, while he tells Zuisho that he should only come when he calls him. Then, he drops Ioryogi accidentally, and quickly grabs him by his foot with his beak. He drops him again as to speak. Ioryogi says it's on purpose and calls him bastard.

He throws a fireball at Zuisho, burning his feathers. Then Usagi-san appears, and they have a conversation though Ioryogi is the only one speaking. Usagi tells him that they have a time limit to fill the bottle "until the seasons go by twice". Usagi leaves with Ioryogi wondering what will happen if they don't do it in time. Will she not have her wish granted?...

Kobato is looking everywhere for Ioryogi. She thinks maybe he went to the appartment- then someone calls her name. It's Okiura, and she calls him by his name. She tells him that Chitose told her his name, to which he replies she is "an old friend". And Sayaka as well.

Fujimoto appears, tries to make him go away.