Drop 10: The Secret of Yomogi Nursery School
Drop 10
Chapter # 26
Chapter Length: 14 Pages
Volume # 3
Cover Characters: Ioryogi
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Zuishou keeps telling Ioryogi the story. The one who took over the school was Sayaka of course, she married and divorced Okiura. She took over her father's debt, and lately there's been people harassing her. Zuishou is flattering Genko while Ioryogi figures it out.

Okiura lied and put his own father in law into debt. And now he's trying to close the school.

Kobato and Fujimoto enter the nursery, she's exhausted since she played soccer with the kids. Sayaka thinks it would've been better if they had traded places instead, though Kobato's okay with it since everyone had fun.

Then Fujimoto asks her to take care of naptime this day. She hesitates at first but then agrees to do so, later on, she realizes that Fujimoto asked her because she was tired.

Sayaka giggles, she thinks that's a good idea so she could relax a bit. A mother calls her, then says she'll mail the forms. It turns out, that Rikako's mother called because she won't be coming back to school, and that makes it for three students leaving this month. Sayaka believes that the school's causing so many trouble to everyone else, especially Fujimoto. But Fujimoto says that's what he wants to do.

Sayaka reminds him he had to leave college and take so many part-time jobs...but that doesn't matter to Fujimoto, because they gave him something he could never repay. He recalls that Sayaka used to get into fights, chase kids around with a broom. Sayaka blushes, while Fujimoto tells her it's okay, she used to have so much energy.

He leaves to clean the classroom. Then remembers, he didn't think he needed to protect her...until Okiura took her away.

Kobato wakes up from her nap, calls to Ioryogi only to realize he's gone. "Where did you go!", she yells!