Drop 06: The Bear's Baumkuchen Shop
Drop 06
Chapter # 22
Chapter Length: 14 Pages
Volume # 3
Cover Characters: Kobato, Ioryogi
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Ioryogi walks in an alley, and enters another world by a post in the street. He runs into a shop, called "Bear's Baumkuchen".

A bear welcomes Ioryogi, who says that he weird name didn't fool him. But he replies that the name and the job were picked out for him. The two start arguing, then the Bear hits Ioryogi, saying that nevertheless he didn't learn his lesson yet. When Ioryogi mentions "Usagi-san" the Bear is startled and asks him if he's making trouble again, and that he'll stay out of it, that it was his fault they're in that form. Ioryogi tells him to relax, since he only saw someone wearing a costume like Usagi-san.

Ioryogi asks the Bear if the humans can't see them, but he replies that normal humans can't. An Usagi-san is a "messenger", or angel. Someone like Kobato can see them.

Kobato is still at the park wondering where Ioryogi went.

Ioryogi tells the Bear to investigate anything about the nursery. The Bear then tells him that he used to blast him off with his fireball. So, he blasts off the Bear to please him.

The Bear asks him to cut it off because he'll burn the store down. He goes to get the new baumkuchen, and Ioryogi is surprised that he's got used to work in the baumkuchen, and that if the people that used to work for him saw him like that, they'd cry. And if they saw Ioryogi like that...they'd complain like babies.

Especially the stubborn guy.

The Bear agrees, since it's "his wish". And Ioryogi takes a bite of his baumkuchen!

Back at the park, Kobato is worried about Ioryogi, thinking maybe something happened to him...then she sees one of the mafia guys coughing and she's scared!