Drop 05: A Feeling that can't be seen
Drop 05
Chapter # 21
Chapter Length: 14 Pages
Volume # 3
Cover Characters: Kobato, Ioryogi
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Kobato is still thinking about what happened with Chitose. She remembered that a woman who's divorced changes her name back, but Sayaka hasn't done that yet. When she asks Chitose why, she tells her that maybe she wants him to "understand something". Something that can't be seen, so it must be hard to realize.

She continues walking down the street and finds someone in a bunny costume. Ioryogi yells "Usagi-san!" at him, just to realize that it was Fujimoto. He says he heard a rough voice calling and asks her what was that. She tries telling him it was her voice and coughing. He gives her a balloon and walks off to the Green Drugstore (Legal Drug) with Toya Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura).

Ioryogi comes out panting, saying "he barely made it out alive". She apologizes. They continue to wonder what's going on with Sayaka. She wonders why Okiura would take down the nursery if it means so much to her. Ioryogi then offers to find out why and takes off to meet "an old acquaintance".

Kobato looks at what Fujimoto gave her, it was a bag of Cough Drops along with the balloon. She realizes that Fujimoto cared for her and that's why he gave it to her.