Drop 03: Kobato's decision
Drop 03
Chapter # 19
Chapter Length: 14 Pages
Volume # 3
Cover Characters: Kobato and Ioryogi
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Kobato is working at the nursery gathering some leaves. Sayaka hopes she can use those leaves for the kids next morning. They put them in a bag while Kobato remembers what Okiura said to her. Sayaka notices and asks her if she's ok, she says yes and wonders where Fujimoto went. Sayaka tells her that he left to another job, she thinks it'd be easier on him if she just quit the nursery.

Kobato runs towards her apartment and finds Fujimoto laying next to her apartment. She runs towards him and asks him if he's ok, he wakes up and doesn't realize he fell asleep in the hallway. Kobato tells him that Okiura called the nursery about the payment terms, but didn't tell Sayaka about it. When Fujimoto asks her why she didn't say anything to Sayaka, she says it's because she promised him she wouldn't.

She asks him if she can help him with anything but he tells her, "we're dealing with the mafia here". Still, she hopes there's something she can do.

Fujimoto asks her for her cellphone number and Kobato forgets she has one. Ioryogi picks it up for her and then Fujimoto rings his cellphone from hers. Then he tells her if anything happens she should call him, and leaves for work.

Ioryogi figures it all out; so Sayaka borrowed money from Okiura, couldn't pay it back so now he's out to collect the debt. Fujimoto tries to help out by working in a lot of jobs. And Sayaka has his last name, but why, he wonders...

Kobato asks him if she could heal Sayaka's heart. Ioryogi tells her if she wants to then she better would.