Drop 02: The Debt Collector
Drop 02
Chapter # 18
Chapter Length: 16 Pages
Volume # 3
Cover Characters: Kobato and Ioryogi
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Kobato asks the debt collector why he'd do such a thing, to tear off the posters they put up. He laughed and said he didn't do it, besides he wouldn't go through so much trouble for that. So she apologized, but the man asked her why she'd apologize, she replied that he blamed him for something he didn't do after all. He laughed again and Ioryogi pointed out that he laughed at her. She asked if he called for something in particular and he asks her to tell Sayaka something. She denies to do so, because she knows that Sayaka will pay him back.

He tells her the school will be closed anyway.

Ioryogi asks her if Sayaka's last name is Okiura. She says yes, and he remembers that Fujimoto was arguing with someone over the phone, calling him Okiura as well. Then he tells her he should move it with those blankets.

Ioryogi plans on sleeping by a tree, to which Kobato replies that photosynthesis is important!! Is he a plant?!

Ginsei finds Ioryogi again and says they'll settle things once and for all. But he's busy with Kobato, so he asks Ioryogi what he's doing with her. Ioryogi tells him that he's helping her, not without a motive though. They fight each other and Ginsei asks him to return to his other form.