Dōmoto Takashi
Domoto takashi
Dōmoto (anime)
Series: Kobato
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Background/Alliance Information
Other name:
Relations: Father
Residence Doctor
Current Status: Alive
Powers None
Physical Traits:
First Appearance(Manga): Chapter
First Appearance(Anime) Episode 7
Last Appearance(Manga):
Last Appearance(Anime) Episode 24
Voice Actors
Japanese: Hiroshi Kamiya
English Micah Solusod

Dōmoto Takashi(堂 元 崇) is a minor character of Kobato., known for being a friend of Kiyokazu Fujimoto.




Takashi became one of the few friends of Fujimoto Kiyokazu during high school. Then followed a passion of Fujimoto's, both of them were enrolled in university on the course of law. At the time the two lived together in an apartment. After Fujimoto abandoned his studies, Takashi tried several times to change his mind, in vain. Commitments of Takashi and pressures of Fujimoto pulled them both away.



In the end of the anime he is shown a few years older, working as a doctor.



  • In the anime, it is implied that he fell in love with Kobato, but after he realized that Kobato is in love with Fujimoto, he let go of her.
  • It is also known that he confessed to Kobato but she misunderstood it.