Tears and Laughter is the seventh chapter of Kobato.

Chapter 07: Tears and Laughter
Ch 07
Chapter # 16
Chapter Length: 24 Pages
Volume # 2
Cover Characters: Kobato
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Kobato's really happy about the bazaar, saying the weather is "bazaar weather". Kobato puts up the sign for the bazaar, and the kids hope she won't trip today. Fujimoto comes along, saying she will, and Sayaka says they're getting along.

Right after that, Kobato falls, but is saved by Fujimoto who catches her, while holding her, he tells her she shouldn't be running around so much, and made it look like he cared for her once. And she trips again.

Then, the kids feel bad because they're not getting customers, can't help wondering why nobody's coming. Kobato's almost on tears while Fujimoto stares at her, just then, someone arrives. So it was Chitose and her two girls, who got the news from Kobato. Though Chitose says she saw some posters that said that the bazaar was going to be held next week, meaning someone went around changing the dates. Kobato rushes to leave, wanting to tell people that the bazaar is today. Fujimoto tries stopping her but she goes anyway, while he argues with her and pleas her not to go, implying that it's useless, to which she responds that everyone's worked so hard for it, even himself.

Fujimoto suggests that they should be better making some coffee. They think that nobody's coming after all, though a old lady appears right then. It was the old lady who got the cat from Kobato, and then more people show up.

A man asks for an iced coffee, and tells Fujimoto she ran into a very hyper girl, Kobato. He thought he should come to check it out, and she happily thanked him for that.

Fujimoto seems impressed by her.