Chapter 04: Woman's Intuition
Ch 04
Chapter # 13
Chapter Length: 25 Pages
Volume # 2
Cover Characters: Kobato and Ioryogi
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  • Kobato is sitting on a cardboard box and finds a cat.
  • Kobato senses that Fujimoto's heart has a lot of pain too.
  • She talks for the first time with the debt collector.
  • After hearing from the twins about the bazaar, she gets an idea.


Kobato is sitting on a box with Ioryogi hoping to heal people. The only thing they've done in 32 minutes is make friends with a cat, so Ioryogi shouts at her. Suddenly, Fujimoto appears and wonders what she's doing there. (note that Fujimoto's working for Piffle Pizza)

He noticed that Kobato was holding the cat and asked her to leave it alone unless she planned to keep him. Ioryogi says he's got a point but also that Kobato wasn't angry at him this time. Kobato replies that he seems to be under a lot of pain, when Ioryogi asks why, she says it's "intuition"

Kobato arrives late once more to the nursery. But this was because she was looking for someone who would keep the cat. People sprayed her with water thinking that she was a salesman but they would eventually keep it. Sayaka tells her to go and dry herself with a towel, and then, the phone rings. She answers and it's the debt collector, who asks her to tell Sayaka to tell her he's evicting her.

Kobato had to tell her about it, but what seems wierd is that the debt collector called her by her name, Sayaka. When arriving home, Kobato runs into Chitose, who just found out that she works at Yomogi School. So she invites her in and they have a conversation about Sayaka. Turns out that they were classmates in high school and they also talk about the debt collector, just when the twins arrive. They're throwing a bazaar, and the twins explain to her what it is.