Chapter 01: Please, let me heal you
Chap 01
Chapter # 10
Chapter Length: 30 Pages
Volume # 1
Cover Characters: Kobato and Ioryogi
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Kobato enters Chitose Mihara's house.

She tries to heal people's hearts and they are driven away from her.

A man tries to trick Kobato into having sexual intercourse with him.

Fujimoto takes the man down. Later on, Kobato goes to work in Yomogi School and finds Fujimoto there.


Hanato Kobato first arrives to her new house with a mission. But she trips, and Ioryogi (the blue dog) shouts at her. She has the mission of filling her bottle with the feelings of people.

Then she meets the owner, Chitose Mihara. She greets her, still expecting Kobato to bring more stuff (she's only carring a single bag). Once inside, Ioryogi continues to shout at her because she left him outside.

Next day, Kobato goes around town looking for people to heal their hearts. But they are driven away by fear. Suddenly, a man comes asking her if she's selling something. She replies no, she only wants to heal people and pleads for him to let her heal him. This man tricks her, and seeing this Ioryogi blasts at him. The man, furious, comes back at Kobato. Then a young man appears and kicks him off, but thinks that Kobato is either a prostitute or dating older man, and tells her to go away. Ioryogi tells her to run, and finally they reach home.

Next day, Kobato keeps looking for people to heal. She trips again and this time, she meets teacher Sayaka from the Yomogi School. She tells her she needs help with the school, and again Kobato pleads her to let her help. She likes Kobato and she decides to hire her. It's a big surprise when she meets the young man from last night, Fujimoto Kiyokazu, who also works there. He's still thinking ill of Kobato, and will keep an eye on her.

Kobato goes to sleep hoping to start filling the bottle soon.